6 Of the Best Off-Roading Modifications

You can off-road better with the below modifications. The best parts you could attach are discussed below. Read ahead.


Install a hitch to your vehicle – you’d be able to place all kinds of things in it. You might be thinking of cycling through the mountains. The hitch would let you bring your bicycle with you. In a worst-case scenario where you 4WD stops working, the bicycle could also help you keep moving.

Instead of a bike, you could bring a spare tyre. Considering how rugged trails can be, the spare tyre would be a good idea.


The tyres on cars built for off-roading are heavy-duty. But there are countless tyres on the market, and you can change the ones your vehicle came with. Get options that have the deepest possible tread; they would provide grip for mud, snow and all kinds of other environments.

Tyres can be pricey. Afterpay tyres would let you get a hold of what you need and pay on an instalment basis without interest.

Skid Plate

Let’s talk about the terrain you’ll be off-roading on. There could be a lot of large rocks and debris on the road. You wouldn’t want the underbelly of your vehicle to get damaged. A skid plate would thankfully act as armour; nothing would be able to damage the radiator, engine pan or other underbelly components of your 4WD.

Bull Bar

Along with a skid plate, a bull bar would let you handle the debris on the road. It would act as armour for the front of your vehicle. You’d be able to plough through terrain. Be mindful of the bull-bar you purchase, though. Some would be more durable than others.

Do research on the path you’d be off-roading on. Bull-bars are great for ones that require a lot of clearing.


You’re probably bringing a lot of gear with you. A roof rack would provide additional space to store them. Worried about weight? Don’t purchase a rack made from steel – it would be heavy. You could get an aluminium option instead. Aluminium is not only light, but it’s very durable too.

To make sure what you placed doesn’t go sliding off, you’d attach quality straps to the side of the rack.

If the rack is large, you could place a blanket and spend some time on it. It would be a safe place to look at the stars.


You might have to drive through a bit of water when off-roading. This is true for more challenging terrains. A snorkel would be a good upgrade. It would ensure that your vehicle still be able to function when submerged; it would ensure no water drowns the exhaust.

Final Thoughts

There’s quite a lot you could do if you want to modify your 4XD for off-roading. From the things you could do, one of the best would get proper tyres. You’d be able to handle all sorts of terrains. As tyres can be very expensive, purchasing them via after pay would be good.

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