Buying Auto-Parts Second-Hand – 6 Points to Consider Before

Want to buy auto-parts but don’t have a huge budget? Getting them second-hand is the way to go. You’ll have to consider our points before taking the leap, though. Read ahead.


Whenever picking up used parts for vehicles, you’re advised to make note of how old the parts really are. If they’re ancient, you shouldn’t purchase them, even if they’re in good-quality. If something were to happen to them, mechanics may not be as trained to fix them. Auxiliary parts to get them up-and-running may not be available either.


You have to make note of the quality of the product too. It’s second-hand, so it won’t be in as good of a condition as newer alternatives. If its condition is really bad, you’d have to spend on a replacement in the near future. Don’t forget that you’d have to pay to get a mechanic to install and replace it too.


If you need something like the chevy 350 crate motor, how do you know what you’re getting is the real deal? This can easily be done through VIN and OEM numbers. Its OEM number would have to be run through the OEM site – if you get a match, you’re good to go.

The VIN number of the product would let you know if what you’re buying will be compatible with your vehicle or not. In turn, it’d also tell you if the number you’re looking at is legitimate or not.


Is the seller offering a return policy? The part might not work as well as you anticipated, which is why who you’re buying from should be willing to take it back. If you were to purchase it new from a dealer, they would be more than happy to do this for you.

Not only do you need a return policy, but the product should come with a warranty too. Even though it’s used, it might still cost a lot. You want the cash you spent to not go down the drain. You’re advised to work with a seller that offers the most extensive coverage.


Speaking of price, how much are you willing to spend? New car parts cost thousands of dollars. Going the second-hand route would save you a lot. But as mentioned, they’d still cost quite a bit. How much you’re willing to spend would affect the quality of the part you’d be able to get.

As you can imagine, units that have anything to do with a vehicle’s engine would be the priciest.


You’re advised to bring a mechanic to look at the unit you’re going to buy. He’d let you know if it’s worth your time or not.

Final Thoughts

Why don’t we sum everything that was run through? There is a number of things that you’ll have to consider when buying auto-parts second-hand. One of the most important is whether the unit would be too old to use or not. Make sure that it’s genuine too. You can check this by running its OEM and VIN number through the internet.

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