Essential Tools to Have for Car Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Since man has evolved into a creature of migration and travel, we have seen the significant growth of technology in the aspect of travel and transportation. From the age-old horse-pulled carts of the ancient times we have now engine-powered machines that could literally take us anywhere even towards the skies and even beyond.

One of the most notable and utilized among these transportation vehicles is the car. For some it is a status quo of financial prowess and to some it is a pragmatic equipment to make life easy, but regardless the need for a car is the most basic motivation of having one because it is convenient and affordable at times.  For those who are planning and considering having one, here are some tools to consider having for its maintenance and troubleshooting.

Socket and Screwdriver Set

You need to have these set when you have literally any machine in your possession because all machines even small toys have screws in them so you’d have to have these together with the socket keys so that you can tinker with your car whenever there is trouble such as installing a braided hose, or simply fixing a window wiper or adjusting small screws and bolts, you need to have a socket and screwdriver set ready.

Safety Hammer

Whenever there is an emergency or simply you would have to smash something in your car to make it work or to fix something in the engine, you need to have a safety hammer. This is simple tool resembles a small hammer that is even used to break car windows in cases of emergency. This tool can also help if you need stronger force to tinker parts of the car interior.


Pliers are a go-to tool for everyone it is one of those tools that you can purchase almost anywhere and can come in handy in many situations not only in mechanical trouble but also at times when one has to cut a wire, hold something in place, and even when one has to pull something but does not have the grip to hold it, then the pliers is your greatest tool to help with that.

Wrench Set

A wrench set of keys can be used in any automobile and motorcycle fixing and maintenance. Wrench sets are great for tightening bolts and loosening fasteners in a machine. It can also be used as a tool when you are working on tight spaces. It can also be used not only for car maintenance but also for pipe fittings and plumbing. Having these tools around will greatly help you in fixing and installing things on the car and even around the house.

Allen Key

For bolts and nuts with hexagonal sockets you can use an Allen key to help with that. The idea is you will never know what you need in terms of car maintenance because these cars have different manufacturers and the bolts and nuts and screws used in them are installed differently, you might as well have one. As some might argue that you do not need an Allen key, then at least you have one when you need it, and that’s the end of the argument.

All in all, these tools must be kept together and must be organized in order in the car so that the owner can use it whenever they need it the most. 

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